Social innovation

The way of change requires: Social Innovation!

The idea of Social Innovation gave the kick start for the earthrise society.
Due to the act of co-founding the GENISIS INstitut and rising the VISION SUMMIT in Berlin Marianne Obermüller developed the intention and the inner drive to build up the earthrise society.

 We consider ourself as a catalysator of social innovation in different contexts focused on the idea of a global mindshift. People, who are working on visions for the future and specific issues of innovation are building the matrix for a global mindshift and therefore an essential part of earthrise society.

Entrepreneurs with heart and courage to do things

Social business needs to begin at the actual source of uncontrolled income and distribution of wealth if it really wants to lasting success and change social relationships: at the consciousness of man. In the social business movement, many people want to make a difference and are hopeful that their social concerns and projects may now be economically viable. But the entrepreneurial skills are often lacking. We therefore need a new culture of Global Entrepreneurs which connects the two major aspects in an intelligent manner: Business must be much more social and social still needs to become much better business. By focusing on social concerns, precisely also the economy receives new impulses and impetus for innovations which pay off in the long term. Our focus is to embody this mission and to create the essential equipment which is still lacking.

We recommend the following commitments of earthrise society warmly to you:

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