The most important resource for the future: Education!

Education has taken on a new meaning today: Education is an important resource for generating and maintaining wealth! In times when information is available at any time and everywhere via Wikipedia, Google and billions of web sites, education is being redefined. In that respect, not only knowledge and data is concerned, but how to make intelligent use of it. And, in addition to the IQ, it is also about our EQ, i.e. emotional intelligence. Scholars are meanwhile even alluding to the SQ, spiritual intelligence, which is necessary in order to successfully manage teams or a company. Earthrise helps both the next generation and learning organizations to acquire relevant knowledge and also wisdom of the heart. Earthrise is presently developing a program which aims to show people new ways to get to an education of hearts.  It is about linking spiritual things and material things, in order for you to reach your potential and to walk the path of life with joy.

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