Privacy Policy

Collection of information
We collect information upon initiation, conclusion, transaction, and cancellation of sales agreements. This information shall be collected, stored, and processed by us.
Your visit to our website shall be registered, including primarily your computer's IP address at the time of the visit, date and time, browser type and operating system of your PC, as well as the pages you visited. As a rule, it is not possible or intended to identify a person through the stored information.

Use and disclosure of information
The personal information you provide to us via e.g. an order or an e-mail (as an example, your name and address or e-mail address) shall be utilized only for our mutual communication, and solely for the purposes for which you made the information available. We may disclose your information exclusively to the transportation company responsible for delivery, inasmuch as this proves necessary for that purpose. For payments purposes, we shall disclose your payment details to the relevant credit institute.
Rest assured we shall not disclose your personal information to any other third parties unless so mandated by law or court order or with your prior consent. As far as we make use of service providers for realizing and handling processing procedures, the contractual relations shall be governed by provisions of the Federal Data Protection Law.

Encrypted data transfer
Your personal data shall be encrypted using a 128-bit SSL mechanism when transferred over the Internet.

Consent and revocation
You shall have the right to, at any time, the deletion of any information previously provided to us. Information serving billing and accounting purposes shall not be subject to deletion upon withdrawal or cancellation.
Retention period: Any personal information collected through our website shall be only stored until the purpose for which it was entrusted to us is fulfilled. As far as statutory trade and tax retention provisions dictate, the retention period for certain information types may be up to 10 years.

By opening an account with us, you acknowledge that your inventory data such as name, address, e-mail address, and bank details as well as your user data (user and password) is stored. This will provide you the opportunity to shop in our store using your e-mail address or your customer number and personal password.

Use of cookies
The use of our services is only possible when cookies are enabled. You should ensure your browser settings are setup accordingly.
Cookies hold a randomly generated session code and, where appropriate, your customer ID. This allows us to recognize you as a registered customer.

Your rights, Information
Should you, at any point, express your dissent to the storage of your personal information or should this prove inaccurate, we shall, upon your request to this effect, proceed to its deletion or blockage, or to perform the necessary corrections thereto (to the extent possible under the applicable law). You are entitled, upon prior request, to receive information at no cost about your personal information stored with us.
Should you have any further questions on the collection, processing, or use of your personal information, or on the disclosure, correction, blocking, or deletion of data, please contact us via e-mail at .

As of October 2010