Our Statement

Appeal for intellectual climate change

A spiritual climate change is necessary. We need a new understanding of the spiritual dimension of our existence in order to return to our own creative powers. If we inject more empathy and a support mentality in business and society, a new wave of resonance will be triggered.

Our mission is to launch this spiritual climate change. For us, for a start that means promoting the power of initiative, providing reassurance and arousing fervor for a world where there is better understanding and cordial coexistence. We are working for a future in which ecological necessities, economic opportunities and the abundance of creative potential available complement each other through targeted projects, and long-lasting products and services created with warmth and intellect, which really serve people's needs. Therefore, we network important stakeholders and consequently arrive at a new We, an effective and complete whole. We work for a world in which ecology, economy and the needs of all people are considered in balance. Our focus is on people, businesses and communities:

Our focus is on people, businesses and communities:

  • to help them find their creative powers
  • to integrate them as stakeholders
  • to develop workable models
  • to help achieve breakthroughs in sustainable projects
  • to promote products which truly serve people

We want to make a difference with you and with heart and soul - for the people and for the good of our earth. In this case, earthrise sees itself as a platform for:


Development of potential