Executive committee

Executive committee

We are team players. We enjoy what we do together. Everyone brings their talents and experience to bear in order to learn and grow on a daily basis.

Marianne Obermüller - Founder and Managing Director

Marianne Obermüller is a bridge builder between business and social projects. "True innovation arises when knowledge and entrepreneurship, social commitment and culture come together," she says.

She is one of "the" successful women entrepreneurs in Germany and co-initiator of the social business movement; she networks money and a good cause into a win-win situation and paves the way for intellectual climate change towards more empathy and a supportive mentality.

She has demonstrated this entrepreneurial mentality in many industries. Among others in the automotive, education, nutrition and currently in the health sector. Marianne was also a director of the Auma Obama Foundation.

With the foundation of the Earthrise, Marianne not only wants to continue her own projects, but together with as many stakeholders and partners from business, society and the regions as possible, to initiate an intellectual climate change for a prospective future.

In times of digitization, cooperative systems and new patterns of thought offer exceptionally good opportunities for intellectual climate change while at the same time promoting the prospective development of society, companies and regions. To use this chance now and to multiply over all partners is the goal of her and Earthrise.

Max Thinius - Futurologist and Management Board

Max Thinius is one of Europe's leading futurologists with a focus on society, sustainability, business and trade.

Since 1988 Max has been studying the effects of technological and cultural developments on our society and how a prospective community can emerge. This has resulted in a six-year study and future scenarios in which Max asks not only the "experts", but also civil society about the necessities for a prospective future for all.

In tri-sectoral models (in the interplay of business, politics and civil society), Max is committed to "intellectual climate change", a new ethical understanding of integral cooperation. Integral means that everything that arises in these tri-sectoral models must have a positive effect on society and every stakeholder.

Max is now a futurologist with appearances throughout Europe, was co-creator of a sustainable investment house, helped set up the first international financial rating agency and is now involved in tri-sectoral processes at the heart of the innovation of the food and health market. He works for various DAX companies such as small and medium-sized enterprises, political parties and trade associations.

For him, Earthrise combines the various points of his previous work into a new integral whole.


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