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How Hydrogen will become the Oil of the Future!

Industrial Transformation for the 21st Century

Starting Position

The establishment of major industries in different global economies has always depended on prevalent regional constraints. It can be said that countries developed high degrees of expertise in specialized areas which set them apart from other nations. To put it another way: Different world regions are endowed with differing “talents” and thus do whatever they excel in.
A more simplified version would be: The countries of southern regions provide the necessary resources, while Middle Eastern countries provide the energy required for the production of goods in the countries of the North. Obviously this is not a healthy and balanced system.

This imbalance has led to violent resource allocation conflicts about energy and raw materials; it has impoverished whole ethnic groups and led to mass migrations. For decades there has been an on-going global discussion on how to reduce this imbalance, unfortunately the emphasis has been on the symptoms and not on the root of these evils.
So far no one has tackled the actual cause of this problem, given that all parties involved have been unable to agree on a replacement for an energy source that has been fueling world economies, and thus has been viewed as a synonym for human progress: Hydrocarbon-based industrialization in production and power supply.

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