Engagement & Projects

The following projects and initiatives have received financial support by earthrise:

Chocolate Always Helps

A value-added initiative – Doing Good and Savoring It
Premium quality pralines
Projects that inspire

More information about the project can be found at www.schokoladehilftimmer.de  

Funkenflug - 2000 Schülerwünsche für ein besseres Schulsystem: Auftakt zur Bildungswende

„Wir sind Schüler. Wir gehen nach Berlin. Zu Fuß. Quer durch Deutschland.“  Das ist das Motto der Funkenflug-Bewegung.
Funkenflug lädt alle engagierten Bürger dazu ein, gemeinsam daran zu arbeiten, dass Schulen und Universitäten zu Orten werden, an denen jeder Mensch mit Freude und Begeisterung seine eigenen Talente entdecken und entfalten kann. Ziel ist es weg von Druck, Selektion und Einzelkampf zu kommen, denn jeder Mensch ist wertvoll. Daher laufen Schüler von verschiedenen Orten in Deutschland nach Berlin. Am 5.  Juni treffen sich alle in Berlin, um  gemeinsam mit Politikern eine fundierte Lösung für eine neue Art des Lernens zu finden. Funkenflug hofft, dass ihre Denkanstöße die Funken für ein besseres Schulsystem sind. Schullust, statt Schulfrust lautet die Devise! Marianne Obermüller ist Mentorin der Funkenflieger und unterstützt das Projekt seit der Entstehung.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www.funkenflug.de

Roadshow "Lernlust statt Schulfrust"

A national roadshow by the “Schule im Aufbruch” and “Bildungsstifter” initia-tives took place from January 19 to 28, 2013, designed to mobilize children, parents and teachers for a new culture of learning.

More information about the roadshow at:

The Hub Munich

EARTHRISE SOCIETY is supporting the founding team of The HUB Munich since the beginning of 2012. We are convinced of the relevance, the success and the importance of implementing a Center for Social Innovation here in Munich. The enormous potential of connecting significant players in the field of Social Business in order to discover, develop and use new profitable synergies is quite obvious.  Our consolidated co-operation is concentrating on the realisation of making Munich the center of active global mindshift.

Find more information on www.hub-munich.de

Friedensraum (Room for Peace)

The "Friedensraum" at the Guldeinschule is a symbol for the leading path to a new togetherness based on a spiritual-ethical fundament. It is about providing the appropriate support for dicovering and unveiling of mental potential. In the Friedensraum conflicts between students, teachers and parents can be prevented and solved peacefully by using means of mediation.   
earthrise society is supporting the Friedensraum as a  showcase project of active global mindshift, especially regarding a new togetherness of different people in a framed ecosystem.

Find more information on Friedensraum

Vision Summit in Berlin

The aim of the Vision Summit is to integrate all activities relating to a linking of economy and social responsibility – CSR, Social Entrepreneurship, Eco Business & Social Business – in a more intelligent way and thereby reinforce such activities.
earthrise works in close cooperation with the Genisis Institut, which organizes the Vision Summit in Berlin.

For more information please visit: Vision Summit

Architects of the Future

Die Architects of the Future bilden einen global agierendes Netzwerk von jungen Social Entrepreneurs, die wirkungsvolle und pragmatische Lösungen für die ärgsten Geißeln der Menschheit finden. Sie bringen unternehmerisches Handeln in Einklag mit sozialem Engagement und nehmen die globalen, zivilisatorischen und humanitären Herausforderungen unserer Welt im 21. Jahrhundert.
earthrise unterstützt und fördert dieses Projekt.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter Architects of the Future

Architects of the Future

The Architects of the Future build a global network of young social entrepreneurs, who are developping effective pragmatic solutions for the direst scourges of humanity.
They combine entrepreneurila activities with social commitment and face the global, civilising and humanitarian
Earthrise is supporting an fostering this project.

Feldstadl Kinderstadl

earthrise is supporting and fostering this project of the popular ski racer Markus Wasmeier. Here he combines cultural experience and a transfer of knowledge to children in an unique and inspiring way.
earthrise Society Holding financially supported Feldstadl Kinderstadl by the amount of 35.000 Euro.
Find more information on the official website of Markus Wasmeier. www.wasmeier.de


Congress "Visionäres Wirtschaften 2011"

„More humanity in economy“ - this was part of the modern motto of the congress „Visionäres Wirtschaften 2011“, which took place in the atrium of the MOC in Munich at 15t and 16th October 2011 for the very first time.

  • How to fufill socially demanded tasks with my business?
  • How to manage to be an attraktive employer now and in the future?
  • How to combine stability and long-term accretion at the same time?
  • How to put the human being into the entrepreneurial focus?
  • How to incorporate values and visions in the company for future generations as well?

The congress is dedicated to define methods of resolution in order to answer these questions and to make a contribution to social rethinking.

earthrise was exclusive sponsor and exhibitor at the congress

More Informations at http://www.visionaeres-wirtschaften.de/

Congress Value Driver Sustainability 2011

On June 9, 2011, once again the congress „Value Driver: Sustainability” will take place in Maritim hotel in Frankfurt. It is organized by the Management Forum of Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt.

Discuss the following issues with renowned experts and top practitioners:

• Numbers, dates, facts – sustainability from the consumer’s view
• Stabilizing sustainability within the company – connecting ecological, economic and social sustainability
• Being good is profitable – fair business as important growth driver
• Sustainability as instrument of competitive differentiation
• Rules for successful sustainability communication and crisis management
• The future of sustainability

Earthrise supports and promotes this event as sponsor and exhibitor.

For more details please visit the homepage of Management Forum der Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt

Arena für Nachhaltigkeit (Arena for sustainability)

earthrise promotes the arena for sustainability which is engaged in a cross-sector transfer of knowledge for a successful culture of sustainability.

For more information please visit the homepage of the Arena

Weimar Visions

earthrise promotes “Weimarer Visionen”, an annual event designated as a Festival of Thoughts: Just imagine: People meet to design the future together. Just imagine: People meet to encourage and support each other. Just imagine: People meet to put inspiring plans for the future into practice.

For more information please visit the homepage of Weimar Visions

Peace Bell in California

Every morning at 9:00 AM CET the Peace Bell is ringing in California as a sign of the close bonds between Europe and America and for the peace in the world. earthrise supported the acquisition of the Peace Bell.

International Youth Essay Contest 2008

n collaboration with UNESCO and the Goi Peace Foundation, earthrise supported the world’s largest youth essay contest on the subject of “How can I change the world in my own environment?” The awards were presented by Bill Gates in Tokyo.
For further info visit the UNESCO Homepage and the Goi Peace Foundation. 

More infos on the UNESCO Homepage
and the homepage of Goi Peace Foundation



The United Nations has designated 2001-2010 as the "International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World" and 2005-2014 as the "United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development." Not only should young people benefit from these global initiatives, but they should be empowered to play a leading role in them. The theme of this year's International Essay Contest is "My project to create positive change in my environment. How can I foster sustainable development in my community?" Young people from around the world are invited to submit their innovative ideas on this theme.

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