Social Businessmanagement

Social Businessmanagement an earthrise company

The goal of Social Businessmanagement (SBM) is to promote socially sound entrepreneurship within the scope of free market processes, in order to open up new paths to economic activity that focuses upon the common good and is ecologically responsible. Taking action instead of talking: that is the change that we are seeking to implement. This change starts in the mind. Let us consider others, and what we can do to improve the world for everyone. Social business management operates various profit centers and models:

Projects and organizations:

  • If pure SBM services are used, a regular service agreement is concluded.
  • If you, as an SBM participant, are involved in the project yourself (for a limited period of time or indefinitely), you participate as a shareholder or receive a percentage of the profits.
  • The same applies to arranging the involvement of third parties in the project; individual solutions without a shareholding are likewise an option.

Companies, foundations and private individuals:

  • If SBM services are merely used for your own projects, a regular service agreement is concluded.
  • If you are successful in arranging projects, a bonus will be paid.
  • For accessing the SBM projects, a flat-rate information fee will be charged.
  • For participating in the SBM events, entrance fees are charged in order to provide financial support for the project.