Social Business Consulting

Our mission

promoting social entrepreneurship within the framework of market-based processes for the purpose of facilitating new approaches to economic activities that are geared to public interest and ecological responsibility.

Our offering for companies

Social Business Lab

  • Goal:
    Collectively brainstorm and create ideas for a concrete social business with your company.
  • Content:
    - develop individual social business ideas
  • - identify an in-house social business concept
  • Duration:
    2 days in a team of 15 to 30 people from different departements.
  • Costs:
    on demand

Our offering for Social Entrepreneurs

You want to build a social business but on one point or the other you don't know how to continue? 
Then ask us! With many years of expertise we'll help you with questions like business plan, financing or implementation.

  • Costs:
    on demand


Boot Camp
You are a social entrepreneur already or you're just on your way and you are looking for the opportunity to share information with others? Then come to our boot camp!

  • We offer:
    Best practices, exchange, ideas, joint developement/anhancements of social business models
  • Costs:
    on demand

Field trip to Bangladesh

Join us for a week of visits of social businesses in Bangladesh. You will experience the impact of social businesses and will get a profound understanding of the social business concept, its potential and the typical problems in a developing country. You will visit several social businesses on the ground to gain insight into the daily work of some of the pioneers of social business.

  • Duration:
  • 1 week
  • Costs:
  • on demand


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