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The rise of the earth

There is the sunrise, the moonrise - why not also the earthrise? We like the picture. Especially against the background of the often apocalyptic view of the development of our beautiful planet. We also don't want to say that things are really going well... but we want to change our perspective and look at the prospective development instead of the decline, but we want to make sure that we always keep an eye on the positive development of our earth. An intellectual climate change for the rise of the earth!

And for you, dear readers, here is the historical background to this wonderful concept of "Earthrise":

On December 24, 1968, Apollo 8 was the first space capsule to orbit the moon. Astronauts James Lovell, Frank Borman and William Anders were commissioned to photograph the moon's surface to find a suitable landing site for future space missions. Suddenly they saw the Earth rising above the lunar horizon. The photo they took immediately went around the world. The astronauts named their painting "Earthrise". It has remained one of the most reproduced motifs to this day. They were moved by the unique beauty of our home planet. We too are grateful to be able to inhabit this wonderful earth. This is both a gift and a task for us. Just as a "Sunrise" brings light and warmth after a cold, dark night, earthrise should also brighten our time and be a landing place for more interpersonal closeness and warmth.

„Wir flogen hin, um den Mond zu entdecken. Aber was wir wirklich entdeckt haben ist die Erde.“

William A. Anders



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