SBP competition

Social innovations business plan competition

Many ideas for resolving pressing social issues in our country have been proposed. However, many protagonists lack the courage, the structured approach or a sustainable business model to implement these. The "social innovations" business plan competition seeks to provide a platform for good business ideas which make a considerable contribution towards solving social problems. We are therefore looking for people with sustainable, future-oriented business concepts. We define social innovations as follows: Tackling the challenges of our time with tried and tested economic practices. In practice, that means: Work like a business, but pursue social aims.  Are you among the people who can prove that they have the courage to do things and at the same time are able to combine entrepreneurship with the power of heart? Then you are exactly who we are looking for. Take your inspiration from our range of activities for social innovation.

You will shortly receive precise details on applying and the enrollment technicalities here - in good time prior to starting the business plan competition.